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How do you start the student visa process for Canada?

A student visa is an official document issued by an embassy’s visa officer. A student visa is an interim visa, allowing the foreign student to study and stay in Canada only while they are pursuing their studies. Their stay will end when they graduate, and they will have to return to their original country. However, for those looking for a permanent residence option for Canada, getting a study visa is the first critical step in the process to acquiring permanent residence status!

After obtaining a (LoA) Letter of Acceptance from the college or university they have been accepted to, the candidates can start an application for a Student Visa. Earnest Immigration can help with both helping you choose the right college or university, filing your application for student visa, and handling all the complications that come up with student visas! 

Earnest Immigration focuses on the results!

Getting a student visa is challenging due to Canada’s growing popularity and heavy traffic. In recent times, the rejection rate for student visa applications has eclipsed 50%! This is why having the professional team at Earnest Immigration create your application can greatly increase your chances of being accepted!

To learn more about how we tackle both fresh and refusal cases for a Canada study visa, contact our team or arrange a consultation in person.