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Looking for a Business Visa in Canada?

Canada presents excellent commercial potential with bustling cities, developed healthcare and finance sector, a high GDP, and a rapidly developing industry and population. The Canada Business Visa is a unique category of Visa that enables people to expand their existing businesses inside the nation or launch new ones if they have had a fruitful business career in their home country and are looking for new prospects.

Looking to start a new business in Canada?

Canada encourages prospective immigrants to bring their companies to grow here with plenty of financial help, a low tax rate, and a diversification of markets. An initial period of stay will be assigned to you when you apply for a business visa. As long as your business is still operating, the Business Visa for Canada is valid for a maximum of three years and may be extended for an additional two years. This time frame can be increased to six years and occasionally even ten years.

Entrepreneurs and self-employed clients can apply for a work permit using the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit in order to enter Canada temporarily. LMIA is not applicable to this work visa. It takes into account the advantages your firm may offer Canada and its people in the economic, social, and cultural spheres.

 Entrepreneurs are urged to apply for this immigration stream because they can generate job opportunities and boost the Canadian economy. Successful candidates can establish a business in Canada and later acquire the status of a permanent resident.

Looking for Corporate Immigration?

For individuals who have already established a business and are eager to expand to Canada, corporate immigration is the ideal choice. For large, medium-sized, and small businesses that require seamless employee cross-border transfers, Earnest Immigration can help you draft a business plan and establish your company and employees in Canada. 

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