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Why apply for Canadian citizenship?

From the mountains and glaciers, maple forests, and stunning waterways, Canada’s natural beauty is beyond words. However, nature isn’t the only attraction for citizenship applicants. Having cosmopolitan, investor-friendly, and multiethnic cities, Canada has become the hometown of many foreigners. With some of the world’s largest cities, a developed medical and finance sector, and a developing industry, Canada offers excellent long term commercial and settlement opportunities.

Every year Canada welcomes thousands of people to its citizenship list. 

Eligibility of Canada citizenship application

  • It is mandatory to have lived in Canada for the last 3 years (1095 days) of your last 5 years.
  • Tax compliance is necessary. File your taxes for the last 3 years.
  • Must have a PR status card.
  • You need to pass a citizenship test (18 – 54 years, 20 questions).
  • Qualify in your language capability (English, French). In order to become a Canadian citizen, you need to qualify for a CLB benchmark of level 4 or more.

The requirements differ depending on whether the applicant is under 18 (minor status), a Canadian adopting a child from abroad, or a former Canadian citizen seeking to regain citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship Application Process

Processing Time

Key Steps from PR to Citizenship

Advantages of Citizenship over Permanent Residence 

PR is closely related to citizenship; even PR status holders are counted as the final steps of citizenship applicants. However, there is a difference between permanent residency and citizenship.

As a citizen of Canada, you can participate in the democratic process of the Canadian — elections. You can select public representatives to run your province, town, or country. A citizen can get involved in political affairs to run a public office. You can apply for a passport and be allowed to travel everywhere in the country. Canada boasts one of the best ranking passports that helps you land in a hundred countries without a visa. You can travel to 103 countries without a visa, and travel to 35 countries with an arrival visa.

You can live anywhere in the world after getting citizenship; there is no restriction for Canadian citizens to stay in the land to save their citizenship. If convicted of a crime, a Canadian citizen does not lose citizenship; however, a permanent resident (PR status) who commits a serious offense may lose that status.

As a Canadian citizen, you are able to get employment that requires citizenship and security clearance in government sectors. But as a permanent resident, you might find your employment options limited to corporate or private bodies.

Citizenship provides additional rights and privileges beyond permanent residency status.

Navigating the Complex Canadian Citizenship Process with Consulting Expertise

The Canadian Citizenship Application Process requires careful documentation and preparation.

Working with an experienced immigration consultant can provide significant benefits when applying for Canadian citizenship:

Expert Guidance:

Immigration consultants are highly knowledgeable about the constantly evolving citizenship requirements, policies and application procedures. They can guide you through the complex process and ensure you meet all eligibility criteria.

Application Preparation:

Consultants meticulously review your application documents and supporting evidence to identify any gaps or inconsistencies that could delay processing or lead to refusal. Their attention to detail is crucial.

Language Assessment:

They can assess your language abilities in English or French and provide personalized coaching if needed to meet the required Canadian Language Benchmark levels.


For applicants with complex cases, having regulated immigration consultants represent them professionally before IRCC officers can make a substantial difference in the application outcome.

Informed Advice:

At every step, consultants leverage their expertise to analyze your unique situation and recommend the best strategies to maximize your chances of success.

At Earnest Immigration, we scan your application from each corner and help you with basics to qualify for the test and interviews. We prepare you at a high level to face the IRCC for your citizenship application. Our experts have helped many people transfer their PR status with citizenship, and many of Earnest Immigration’s satisfied clients even enjoy dual-citizenship.